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Welcome. My name is Matthew Schwartz. I’m the founder of Nature Photography Mastery Academy™.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Do you have the basics of nature photography down, but now you’re serious about stepping your work up to a much higher level?
  • Do you want to move past documentary photos and start creating fine art nature images, but aren’t sure how?
  • Are you ready for powerful ideas and unique advice from a new perspective?
  • Do you want to create stunning and amazing nature images that stand out from the crowd, and are you willing to challenge yourself to do what’s necessary to make it happen?
  • Are you looking for post-processing videos tailored specifically to fine art nature photos?
  • Would you like to help build an awesome, supportive, knowledgeable community of passionate nature photographers?

Hundreds of Other Photographers Have Already Signed Up

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How I can help you:

  • Give you information that is focused specifically on fine art nature photos
  • Give you free, high-quality articles, videos, downloads, etc. such as my Workflow Cheatsheet and Gear Guide Ebook
  • Give you new ideas and things to think about that will challenge and stretch you
  • Connect you with other awesome nature photographers as part of the community that I’m trying to build on this site, and elsewhere.
  • and more

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Who am I to teach you?

What I bring to the table:

  • Passion, serious commitment, and a love for nature and for creating fine art images.
  • Images that, in my humble opinion, prove that I know what I’m talking about
  • Powerful feedback from my audience, newsletter members, and fans.

What people say about me:

  • I have a way with words, and my ideas and writing are unique and inspiring
  • The content and tutorials I provide are clear and helpful
  • My tutorials and newsletter have been game-changing
  • After discovering me, their entire mindset and approach to photography changed
  • Their images have improved beyond anything they’ve ever created before
  • Read just a few of the many testimonials

See for yourself:

  • Check out some examples of my photography
  • Watch some videos
  • Read some content
  • Download some free resources

If you decide to get on board:

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What makes me different from 99.9% of other photographers online:

How I’m different Why I’m that way
I don’t teach the basics such as aperture, shutter speed, metering, and why you need a tripod. My goal is to teach intermediate photographers how to take their images to the next level
I’ll be upfront with you about challenges, and what you’ll have to do to produce fine art images You need to be willing to push yourself, because fine art nature photography is extremely challenging, and takes commitment and effort
I don’t believe in, and will never give out or sell, editing presets I believe that perfecting every single fine art photo individually takes priority over saving time with presets.
I’m not going to get extremely technical, talk about sensors, or debate about Canon vs Nikon vs Sony There are plenty of sites that do that already. I’m more interested in talking about nature and making fine art.
I have wild, crazy ideas, and sometimes openly disagree with mainstream thinking Because I’m a critical thinker, and you deserve to hear opposing viewpoints so you can make your own decision
I will talk about mindset, psychology, goal-setting, and self improvement (On a photo site? Gasp!) Because they’re incredibly important, yet completely overlooked. Proper attitude and outlook are critical to success.
I believe in using extreme field craft such as camo, waders, blinds, and crawling on the ground for low-point-of-view shots I do what’s best for the animals, and for the kind of image I want to make. Also, I don’t care if people think I’m crazy
I won’t tell you how to “go professional” as a photographer Constantly improving your images’ quality and artistry is what matters most. What you do from there is up to you.

What you should do now:

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Thank you!

Matthew Schwartz in a marsh with full camo

Matthew Schwartz

Founder of Nature Photography Mastery Academy™