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All images ©Matthew Schwartz
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Bald Eagle - Haliaeetus leucocephalus - with Midshipman fish - ©Matthew Schwartz
Annas Hummingbird at fuschia - Copyright Matthew Schwartz
Yellowlegs with sand worm - Copyright Matthew Schwartz

Like my images? See more examples, and learn the elements of my style.

The Mastery Style – The qualities I strive for in my images, and the basis for everything I teach

The Mastery Difference – Visual comparisons of the mastery style, versus the typical style of nature photos

Latest Free Content

Audience Nature Photo Critique and Tips – Jamin – Egrets

A detailed nature photography image critique for one of my newsletter subscribers, Jamin T. I give a thorough commentary and evaluation on all aspects of a fine art nature image, from Technical, to Artistry, to Post-Processing. I also demonstrate some of my recommendations in Photoshop so you can see the results for yourself.

April 18th, 2017|Post Processing, Videos|

What I Learned from My Best Photographs of 2016

I’ve decided to share my ten best images of 2016, and some thoughts on each. I wanted to narrow it down to just five images, but it was too difficult to choose! Before I reveal the images, and their associated insights, let me explain the “Why” and the “How” of a yearly image review.

December 25th, 2016|Articles|