Testimonials and Feedback

Testimonials and Feedback 2020-11-10T07:55:14+00:00
To me, you seem the ultimate professional in wildlife photography. The way you express yourself – it is so clear and precise – there are no grey areas.
I can definitively say, no matter how cliche, that upon exploring your website, "This is the first day of the rest of my life!"
You certainly have a way with words and your ideals shine through along with the discipline and high standards that you hold yourself to.
I must say that I have subscribed to other Photography newsletters but yours is different
I do have a list of what I call my ‘Top 10 photography people’ that I follow, and you’ve gone into that Top 10 straight away.
Thank you so much for breathing life back into me...I am thoroughly looking forward to putting my whole self back into this.
I've learned more in the past few weeks, reading your newsletter than I have the past year.
I received your cheat sheet last night. Fantastic.
I finally found the time to read Part 2 and I love it! I think you will point a lot of people to the right direction with this one Matthew, i.e. anyone who is a bit serious about photography.
Thanks for all the work you put into your publications. They are excellent – both technically, and inspirationally. The writing is clear and precise - but also has heart.
I have to say "wow" again. Very insightful. Again, very well written; and again, brilliant content.
I received your Gear Guide today and read it from cover to cover. You have put some outstanding suggestions into it and quite a bit of hard work. THANK YOU.
You have a way of making every subject you photograph worthy of being hung on a wall!
You have a very unique perspective and a lot of what you write echoes with what I have been learning in my own journey.
Love your newsletter, it is the best subscription I have from all photography masters so far!
Your bird portraits are like no one else's Matthew! Brilliant!
The article was extremely inspiring and got me up and out to take some photos with more purpose this morning.
This is an excellent article, I deeply appreciate the thought and effort you have put into the photography of wildlife and the article below. You are the master by far!
Thank you for sending me this well written and inspiring article. The images that you have used to illustrate the piece are outstanding. You have put a lot of thought into this and I can see that you are passionate and dedicated about what you do.
I am repeating myself but I loved your latest newsletter about how to improve your photos!
...you are very easy to listen to and watch on your videos....I think you’ve got ‘the mix’ just right. It’s a real pleasure to sit down and watch and enjoy your videos.