The Mastery Style

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What I teach, and the content I produce, are based off of my style of nature imagery. It is what Nature Photography Mastery Academy stands for, what I believe in, and what I do.

The purpose of this page is to benefit those people who agree with my ideologies, and wish to produce images similar to mine. Here, I will teach you what the most important elements of a fine art nature image are. For more information and visual examples, please see The Mastery Difference page, and also the Mastery Credo page.

Elements of The Mastery Style

  • Visually artistic style and intent (versus documentary or storytelling intent)
  • Simplified composition (for more visual impact and artistry)
  • Isolated subject (for clear center of attention and greater connection)
  • Clean background and foreground (to eliminate distractions and increase aesthetics)
  • Pleasing light (morning, evening, or diffused light, never harsh)
  • Perfectionist representation (critical of subject angle, pose, connection, and so on)
  • Subject-level point of view (eye level of wildlife, other subjects as appropriate)
  • Visual balance and flow (image flows naturally, leads eye, and is cropped appropriately)
  • Technical excellence (sharp, well exposed, proper color, to impress, not detract)
  • Post processing freedom (versus purist “as shot” rules against modifying the photo)

See The Mastery Difference With Your Own Eyes!

Side by side comparisons of typical photos versus mastery style photos.

Go to The Mastery Difference page.