Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a General FAQ about the site and Matthew

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Is this the right website for me?

If you’re extremely serious about creating superb fine art nature photos, then yes, you are in the right place.

Can I use your photos, images, content?

All photos, images, content, writing, ebooks, and anything else that I create, are 100% copyrighted and not available for use in any of your projects without my permission. Copyright violations, plagiarism, and similar actions are illegal and can carry with them serious legal repercussions. Additionally, the cropping off or removal of watermarks or credits from a photo that you steal worsens the crime because it shows intent. For more information and some possible options, please see the Usage Rights & Copyright Notice page.

Why don’t you give away your Photoshop Actions, like other photographers do?

I apologize, but I don’t supply Photoshop Action files. My belief is that it is best for each person to create the action files themselves, because it aids in learning and understanding, and that is what leads to Mastery of a technique or subject. I apologize if this is disappointing, and I thank you for understanding that my goal is to help people learn things the best way (by doing).

Will you tell me where you photographed subject xyz?

I will reveal photography locations when they are well-known, popular, public, non-sensitive areas. In those cases, I may, at my discretion, keep the specific location private, and only mention the general area. I will not reveal locations which have sensitive habitat, sensitive or rare wildlife or other subjects, or that are not well-known, are small, or are private. I guard this information to protect those environments and subjects from harm, stress, or other detriment, due to a potential increase in visitors.